Kristi Etchberger

Company Administration, Reports, Head of CRIO  and Clinical Conductor Division

Kristi Etchberger has been working in clinical research finance since 2012. With site experience in financial reporting, budget negotiations, and CTMS implementation, she can target opportunities for improved financial performance at the site level. She understands the challenges of implementing a system and the opportunity that a well-managed CTMS creates to find money that sites have not invoiced or collected. Her prior experience in corporate finance supports her drive for financial reporting and strengthening sites’ health. 

MaryAnn Bowman

Company Management, Marketing, Business Development and Client Outreach, Reports, Head of RealTime Division

MaryAnn Bowman has worked in clinical trial contract negotiation, financial audits, system management, and invoicing since 2012. She has implemented and cleaned up multiple systems for sites across the United States. MaryAnn is adamant about ensuring that sites get paid for their work. That dedication has resulted in collecting retainage, missing payments, and extras, totaling our clients’ millions of dollars of additional income. She is the Lead of the RealTime division and is always looking for new ways to change and innovate as the industry grows.

MaryAnn is focused on Client Outreach to ensure our services add value to our client’s businesses. She promotes Clinical Research Billing at conferences and on social media to enhance our engagement with the industry. 


Steven Hill

Director Clinical Conductor

Steve Hill had five years of CTMS management experience as an Account Manager at Bio-Optronics, the previous owner and developer of the Clinical Conductor CTMS. While at Bio-Optronics, he managed 200+ clients and was a subject matter expert in the Clinical Conductor financial module. As Director of our Clinical Conductor division, Steve manages clients’ systems, oversees study setup and configuration of the CTMS, and ensures billing, invoice follow-up, and payment recognition. 

Anna Cartwright

Lead Trainer, Client Relations, Invoicing, Collections, Clinical Trial System Maintenance

Anna Cartwright joined Clinical Research Billing in 2021. She has eight years of experience as a clinical research coordinator with several large research sites in Florida and Georgia. She has been the lead study coordinator on over 50 clinical trials in multiple therapeutic areas, including primary care, neurology, cardiology, pulmonology, dermatology, and urology. Her research experience includes regulatory, quality assurance, study start-up, and feasibility. Her depth of knowledge in clinical research at the site level has helped her understand all the work sites do and thus take a detailed and thorough approach to reimbursement. She firmly believes that sites’ work is essential, and they deserve compensation for their efforts. Since joining Clinical Research Billing, she became the Director of our RealTime Team and lead trainer. She focuses on Site relationships and quality control. She ensures that her team captures all billable items for the sites she manages. Relationships with her team and sites are her main priority. 

Ashley Winters

Director- RealTime
Client Relations, Invoicing, Collections, Clinical Trial System Management

Ashley Winters is a Certified Clinical Research Coordinator with ten years of experience working in a clinical research site in California. She rose to the position of Director of Clinical Research and then Director of Finance and Strategic Planning at the site. Her experience allows her to work closely with site operations to facilitate the use of the CTMS and build support for invoicing. She loves to help sites collect the money they have earned as she understands the time and dedication that goes into medical research.
Ashley has been using Clinical Conductor since 2010 and RealTime since 2021. She is now a Director at Clinical Research Billing, overseeing the financial management of the Clinical Trial Management Systems for multiple clinical research sites.

Stace Baumgarten

Director- Management & Reporting

Stace Baumgarten began her career in Clinical Research Finance in 2006 for a small, independent research site in Charleston, SC.  She managed AR, A/P, payroll, study builds, source creation, and regulatory submissions. In 2022, the site was acquired; her position with the new group was focused on revenue and receivables. Stace played a pivotal role in unifying multiple independent sites. Budgets and contracts were standardized to develop A/R-friendly contracting/payment terms. She converted accounting from cash-based to accrual-based and developed policies and procedures for the A/R department. While the IT team implemented a new CTMS across all sites, Stace managed A/R in CRIO, Realtime, Clinical Conductor, etc. Monthly collections goals were met or exceeded.

Stace understands independent research sites and their finance, management, and systems challenges. She has seen how easily revenue is missed or uncollected. She is a strong proponent of using CTMS, eSource, eReg, and accounting systems to ensure all revenue is invoiced and collected.  


Olga Brown

Senior Account Manager-RealTime 
Invoicing, Collections, Clinical Trial System Maintenance, and Trainer

Olga Brown joined Clinical Research Billing in 2022. Before joining Clinical Research Billing, Olga had more than six years of experience in contract management. During this time, she managed multiple medical personnel at various US Navy, USCG, and Air Force bases throughout the United States. She also worked at a clinical research site where she gained extensive knowledge in EDC, Quality Assurance, and Regulatory. Olga knows firsthand the time, hard work, and commitment it takes to run a successful trial, and thus, she has the drive and dedication to ensure each site receives total compensation for all of their hard work.

Misty Waters

Account Manager-RealTime 
Invoicing, Collections, Clinical Trial System Maintenance

Misty Waters has worked in the accounting and bookkeeping field for over 30 years and in the clinical research industry for over 25 years.  In clinical research finance, she has experience working for sites on accounting, bookkeeping, bank reconciliations, regulatory affairs, procuring clinical trials, auditing, and reviewing and negotiating contracts and budgets.  She received an Associate of Science Degree in Accounting at Colorado Technical University in 2017 and graduated with the highest honors and a GPA of 4.0. She joined Clinical Research Billing in 2022 and is an Account Manager for multiple sites in RealTime CTMS.   

Jennifer Tanner

Account Manager – Clinical Conductor
Invoicing, Collections, Clinical Trial System Maintenance

Jennifer Tanner has worked in the clinical research industry for over ten years. She has worked with two CTMS systems, most recently, Clinical Conductor, and as the administrator over ClinCard.  In 2021, she was promoted to the Finance department, where she was a Revenue Support Associate. In this role, she was the primary person doing study builds for the company’s sites. She also assisted with applying for payments, posting payments, and invoicing. She is a dedicated and driven who wants to help companies succeed. Since joining Clinical Research Billing, she has joined our Clinical Conductor team, helping our clients as an account manager.

Jackie Nardo Gomila

Account Support Specialist-RealTime 
Follow-ups, Invoicing, Collections

Jackie Gomila has worked in clinical research accounts receivables since 2014. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Finance at Florida International University. She began her clinical research experience at a site in Florida, where she implemented studies for over 100 clinical trials. In building these studies, she has invoiced items from fees to procedures, ensuring that all money earned by the site is collected. Lately, Jackie has been working on follow-ups to get invoices paid. 

Jackie is now Account Support, working with multiple sites at Clinical Research Billing using RealTime CTMS

Austin Burt

Account Support Specialist- Clinical Conductor
Invoicing, Collections

Austin works in Clinical Conductor to build studies, reconcile payments, prepare invoices, and follow up on unpaid items. He has been working with Clinical Research Billing since mid-2021. Austin has a B.S. in Environmental Science Systems from Le Moyne College in Syracuse, NY. 

Karen Price

Account Support Specialist-RealTime 
Follow-ups, Invoicing, Collections

Karen Price has worked in the medical field since 1985 and clinical research since 1996. She is experienced in Phase I-IV drug trials with a comprehensive knowledge of clinical trials industry regulations and guidelines. She has been the study coordinator on over 100+ clinical trials in multiple therapeutic areas, including pain, general medicine, gastrointestinal, immunological, rheumatology, neurological, orthopedic, cardiovascular, pulmonary, infectious diseases, urology, and oncology. She has research experience in contract/budget  negotiation, feasibility, study start-up, QA, regulatory, and business development at the site level. She is dedicated to client research and motivated to help sites maintain financial independence. She has worked with the RealTime team at Clinical Research Billing in system support since 2022.

James Matthew Etchberger

Account Support Specialist- Clinical Conductor and CRIO 
Clinical Trial System Maintenance

James Matthew Etchberger has been focused on the tech industry following a career as a chef. He is interested in clinical trial system maintenance and development to support research sites. He has been working with Clinical Research Billing since 2022, supporting the Clinical Conductor and CRIO billing teams. 

Krystina Carpenter

Account Support Specialist- RealTime
Invoicing, Collections, Follow-ups

Krystina started in the medical field at 18, working for ten years at reception, insurance verification, collecting and posting payments. She moved to Dental assisting and oral surgery until 2020. For the past three years, she has been working in a small business, creating estimates, invoicing, and reconciling payments in Quickbooks. She joined Clinical Research Billing in 2023 and is supporting the RealTime team. 

Megan Howard

Account Support Specialist- Clinical Conductor and CRIO 
Follow up Support

Megan Howard joined Clinical Research Billing in 2023. She supports the CRB team with unpaid invoice tracking and payment requests. Megan conducts follow-up correspondence for CRIO and Clinical Conductor. She has a BA in Education from Hampshire College in Amherst, MA.

Ivis Gutierrez

Account Support Specialist- RealTime
Invoicing and collections

Ivis previously worked in the medical field for over 13 years as an office manager who dealt with managing contracts, collections, AP/AR, invoicing, and reconciling payments. Now, she has joined our RealTime team to help ensure we get items invoiced for all sites for all the work they do and go after all extras. Her dedication to helping others is an asset to the company and our clients.

Megan Ring

Account Support Specialist- RealTime

Megan Ring has recently embarked on a new journey in the field of clinical research billing. Her career as an educator instilled a passion for fostering growth and knowledge. Her attention to detail and dedication to accuracy will support clinical research sites with their financial operations. 

Michael John Bowman, Jr.

Account Support Specialist- RealTime

CRB Retreat

Orlando 2023

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