Kristi King Etchberger

Budget / Contract Negotiation, System Implementation, Site Valuation

Kristi has six years of clinical research site experience, financial reporting, negotiating budgets, and implementing operating systems. She can rapidly target opportunities for improved financial performance at the site level, understands the challenges of implementing a system and can find money that sites have not invoiced. (Full bio at bottom of page)

MaryAnn Bowman

Invoicing, Contract Administration, Collections

MaryAnn has six years experience working in clinical trial contract administration, managing trials in Allegro, RealTime and Clinical Conductor. She has implemented systems for over 150 studies as well as cleaned up neglected systems, finding items to invoice for the sites. MaryAnn is dedicated to ensuring that all work gets invoiced and sites get paid for everything they do. That dedication has resulted in collection of retainage, missing payments and extras, totaling millions of dollars of additional income for the sites.

Steven Hill

Operations, Clinical Conductor Expertise

Steve has five years of CTMS management experience as an Account Manager while working at Bio-Optronics. He managed 200+ clients and is a subject matter expert of the Clinical Conductor financial module.  He can share his expertise on the ever-evolving financial landscape within the research industry.  Steve will be able to assist with setup and configuration of your CTMS so that you can reap the full benefits of the application.

Jackie Nardo Gomila

Account Manager-RealTime & Salesforce/Allegro
Invoicing, Collections, Clinical Trials System Development and Maintenance

Jackie has worked in clinical research accounts receivables since 2014. She has an Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Finance at Florida International University. She began her clinical research experience at a site in Florida where she implemented studies for over 100 clinical trials. In building these studies, she has invoiced items from Start Up fees to Additional Invoiceable Items, ensuring that all money earned by the site is collected.

Jackie is now an Account Manager, working with multiple sites at Clinical Research Billing, Inc. She is proficient in two Clinical Trial Management Systems: RealTime and Forte Allegro.

Ashley Winters

Account Manager- Clinical Conductor
Invoicing, Collections, Clinical Trials System Development and Maintenance

Ashley Winters is a Certified Clinical Research Coordinator with ten years of experience working in a clinical research site in California. She rose to the positions of Director of Clinical Research and then Director of Finance and Strategic Planning at the site. Her site experience allows her to work closely with site operations to facilitate use of the CTMS and to build support for invoicing. She loves to help sites collect the money they have earned as she understands the time and dedication that goes into medical research.
Ashley has been using Clinical Conductor since 2010. She is now an Account Manager at Clinical Research Billing, Inc. overseeing the financial management of the Clinical Trial Management Systems for multiple clinical research sites.

End-of-Study Financial Audits

We run end-of-study financial audits to ensure that the site is paid for all the extras on the study. We have experience finding money for sites before the study closes out. Sites often leave money uncollected

Hands-on Site Experience

We have audited and invoiced more than 300 studies either through a CTMS  or simple paper review.  We have more than seven years combined experience in clinical research financial management at the site level. We learned through hands-on experience, let us put that experience to use for you.

Financial Expertise for Clinical Research Sites

We have clinical research site experience in budget negotiation, contract administration and system implementation. We can generate reports to make the conversion to accrual accounting and provide your with accounts receivable, including visits pending payment.

Clinical Trial Management System Implementation

We help sites to implement a Clinical Trial Management System. We input all the protocol calendars/visits, budgets and invoice-able items. We can also input visits and create a searchable database or support the site in developing its own database. Our support will rapidly accelerate the CTMS implementation and bring the site up-to-speed rapidly. We work with both Clinical Conductor and Allegro.

Clinical Research Billing

There is no upfront cost – we do not get paid for just showing up Our interests are aligned – we charge based on money found We only get paid once the site gets paid
We provide the clinical research financial expertise and invoicing support that sites need in order to get paid in full for all the work they do
We can help you install a clinical trial management system or we can run a financial audit of your studies to find missing payments and unpaid procedures. Our objective is to pull your financial information into a more useable format.

Kristi King Etchberger

Kristi Etchberger founded Clinical Research Billing in October, 2015, based on her experience managing a clinical trials company. She brings a Wharton MBA, corporate finance experience and hands-on clinical trials management to this new venture.

From early 2012 through most of 2015, she served as the Chief Executive Officer of Atlantic Clinical Research Collaborative (ACRC) in Palm Beach County, Florida. One of her major accomplishments at ACRC was to implement a clinical trial management system. Using the clinical trial management system, ACRC was able to enter all past visits for active studies, reconcile payments and invoice for missed payments and billable items. In addition, the marketing team developed a patient database of more than 10,000 potential subjects interested in participating in future trials. The system improved analysis, internal control and communication.

Kristi is an experienced corporate executive with a background in corporate finance and international equity markets. She was the Chief Financial Officer of several Latin American companies, most notably in the consumer products areas of OTC pharmaceuticals and personal care. She has been involved in restructuring companies, acquiring growth opportunities and developing financial market communications. Her experience in planning, valuation and equity analysis provided support for the successful debut of Genomma Lab Internacional, S.A.B. de C.V, in the international equity markets in 2008. Prior to Genomma, Kristi was the CFO of Productos Rich, S.A. de C.V., a frozen food manufacturing company in Mexico and subsidiary of Rich Products, Inc., where she oversaw acquisition of new product lines and investment in production capacity. Relevant to the current endeavor, at Productos Rich, Kristi oversaw as CRO the implementation of SAP/MRP in the production facilities. Previously, at Satélites Mexicanos, S.A. de C.V. (Satmex), she was instrumental in a $700 million debt renegotiation and helped to win $225 million in export credit agency loan guarantees. Kristi began her career in the financial markets, working in Latin American Corporate Finance at The Chase Manhattan Bank and later as a Senior Equity Analyst for D.A. Campbell Company and subsequently, ABN AMRO.

Kristi received her M.B.A. in finance from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, her B.A. in economics and psychology from Pitzer College in Claremont, California, and the chartered financial analyst designation from the CFA Institute. She has recently been studying pharmaceutical law at Seton Hall University.

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